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We can pretty much clean anything and have the tools to do a top notch job.

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We are a IICRC Certified Cleaning Company. We take extreme pride in every job we do. Are drying times are are some of the fastest in the industry. We truly care about the work we do and will ensure you are happy before we leave! We Guarantee it!

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    Little Bit About Platinum Carpet Cleaning Boston

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    Platinum Carpet Cleaning Boston: We know that you love the outdoors so much. But we also understand that you may come in with dirt into your beautiful home, and you may make your carpet look like a mess. After all, we all need a clean and tidy place to call home. Furthermore, it even becomes harder to keep your home clean when you have children and pets.

    You see, they will constantly endanger your vulnerable carpet by facilitating the accumulation of dirt and stains. And just in case you didn’t know, if your carpet looks dirty, then it gives the impression that the entire house is dirty. Your carpet makes your living room a perfect place to catch movies, play with kids or even with your pet.

    Therefore, if you really cherish your carpet and would like to have it last long, consider the services of Platinum Carpet Cleaning Boston. Here’s more about what you should know:

    Platinum Carpet Cleaning Boston

    Whether you love indoors or not, you’ll definitely end up in your house at the end of the day. A sparkling clean house is all you want to see, especially if minimal effort is going to be involved. But it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to hire technicians to come cleaning your carpet and everything involved.

    The technicians at Platinum Carpet Cleaning know how to do their job best — it’s all about cleaning without you having to lift a finger in the entire process. Forget about the clunky carpet cleaning machines, and the cost of renting them.

    Here are the Steps Involved

    • The carpet will be inspected first.
    • Furniture will be moved to an appropriate place or location.
    • Your carpet will be vacuumed and spots treated, before thoroughly cleaning the carpet.
    • Finally, a follow-up will be conducted to ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

    Advantages of Having Your Carpet Professionally Worked on By Platinum Carpet Cleaning Boston

    • A powerful track-mounted system will be used to get rid of stains, spots, or even contaminants.
    • Your carpet will last long since it will be free from dirt or debris that degrade carpet fiber.
    • There are no hidden fees charged on customers. Instead, every cost will be calculated at home with the customer in question — until they are satisfied.
    • Professional treatment ensures that your carpet doesn’t catch stains in the near future.
    • Lastly, Platinum Carpet Cleaning offers expert carpet repair services, so be sure that this is an all-under-one roof service.

    Dirt can hide in your carpet even when it looks clean at all time. This means you can’t bank on the fact that your carpet is visibly clean. And did you know that a square foot of your carpet would contain a pound of dirt? This kind of dirt will obviously affect air quality and cleanliness of your home.

    Furthermore, dirty carpets tend to hold dust mites, allergens and dander, which the feet stirs up whenever there is any movement on the carpet. If this is the case, then your carpet will be freed from allergens, stains or even dirt. It is highly recommended that you professionally clean your carpet after every 6-12 months to prolong its life and also free it of unwanted substances. That’s the reason why Platinum Carpet Cleaning is committed towards providing the best experience to every home around Boston.

    What’s more, all the cleaning techniques applied follow guidelines highlighted by The Institute of Inspection and Restoration Certificate IICRC. This means that Boston residents can trust IICRC because it’s an international, independent, non-profit body whose role is to ensure best and safe practices in cleaning and restoration. Furthermore, customer service standards are not compromised here.

    Why Choose to Work With Platinum Carpet Cleaning?

    Experience, coupled with solid number of years in the industry will make you love how your carpet is being handled and cleaned. Here, your carpet only needs to look clean, plush and free from debris, and that’s the philosophy. Customer satisfaction guarantee is also offered.

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