Durable Bamboo Flooring That Is Light On The Pocket

In earlier times, people had hardwood flooring because the resource for this type is vast. There were acres and acres of deciduous trees that have stood for many years. When the population increased, there was a high demand for these flooring because it’s comfortable and cozy, unlike the ceramic tile or marble that are cold to the feet when being trodden upon.

New homes in the past had wooden floors that were made of high-quality timber. However, this type of timber would take at least 30 years to mature and so, the supply has been exhausted. At present, the most available material is the bamboo and for this reason, bamboo flooring is the best option that can replace the wood materials that are not so available now.

There’s no scarcity when it comes to bamboo floor materials since this plant is renewable at a shorter span of time. In about 7 years, you can already harvest a bamboo and the plant will produce several culms that will mature in that duration of time. While it is not as hard as the product from deciduous trees, it can still be a great alternative. Thus, more and more home owners and builders are using this bamboo floors as substitute to timber. With the lower pricing given for this product, it has also become affordable for families that are trying to build a beautiful home.

Grown from plantations in Asia, the bamboo is harvested and delivered to manufacturing plants that turn whole poles into strips, ready for processing. Bamboo is a native plant in many tropical countries and they are primarily cultivated as a major crop. They are prized for their mature culms that are woody. Plenty of large plantations grow the bamboo because of the high demand for its fiber.

As a substitute material for wooden floors, bamboo flooring has good appearance, strength and an abundant supply. As a result, countless homeowners all over the world have come to consider that choosing to use bamboo floors from local suppliers is a great way to add a touch of natural ambiance to their interiors. Apart from the lesser cost carried by this flooring, most hardware and home improvement stores offer professional floor installation at a minimal cost.

There may be individuals who would like to match up bamboo to hardwood in a manner that makes the bamboo manifest as an inferior type of flooring. It is sensible to regard these two types of materials as having their own advantages.

Hardwood timber comes from a tree while bamboo flooring is a product of a tall type of grass. Trees will take a lot of years to mature, maybe at least 20 years to produce good timber. As for bamboo, it can take less than 10 years when it can already produce many straight and mature culms.

Nowadays, it may be difficult to grow a tree to supply the timber we need for residential and commercial construction. If there is available timber, they would come at a highest cost and that would not be friendly for individuals who are looking for cheaper alternatives, especially for their flooring.

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