Shark Vacuum Review: Just Hype or the Real Deal?

Shark is a well  respected vacuum brand known for their unique and reliable construction, as well as their powerful motors and depth of cleaning. Among the Shark Vacuum brand is the Shark Navigator and the Shark Cordless Vacuum and The Shark Rotator. While some Shark models are better than others, most all of them command a respectable rating from consumers and professionals alike.

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What Is A Shark Vacuum?

A Shark Vacuum Comes In Three Different Models:

The Shark Navigator:

This traditional model is most similar to your typical vacuum cleaner. The Navigator is lightweight and simple to move around furniture, but is comparable to other vacuum cleaner brands.

The Shark Rocket:

The Rocket is the most different from the others, with its motor unit located up near the handle. This model is very lightweight and is easy to maneuver. This makes the Rocket model easier to use and more efficient at cleaning.

The Shark Rotator:

The Rotator vacuum model is designed to rotate via swivel steering method. The design is very ergonomic and easy to hold while cleaning. This model uses heavy duty materials for a deep cleaning, but is still not very heavy.

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The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is the traditional model. Much easier to use than other vacuum cleaners, the Navigator Lift-Away cleans rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors easily and without leaving any marks on the hardwood.

This lightweight design includes a swiveling head and the famous suction power that Shark is most known for. This upright vacuum model is great for multiple uses, from picking up animal hair completely, removing dirt, cleaning upholstery, and more.

Features you need to pay attention to

Selecting the correct vacuum ideally should be based on what you are looking out for. You will want number of features to pick from but they might not always meet your tastes and preferences.

Obviously you will want something having robust  suction which will help get the job done smoothly. Below are few common features worth giving attention to:


Each one of these features carry their own benefits but what really matters is your tastes and preferences. A bag less option eradicates the need to  purchase multiple bags that can save you money in the long run. Likewise if you want to check the amount dirt which is being picked up every time you use it, then you could consider this option


If vacuuming chores demand you to move it around in several areas of your house, you may want one that is light weight. Carrying a heavy cleaner here and there could be cumbersome and therefore you may want to consider the Shark Rocket HV302 cleaner is a super light upright which weighs just over 7 pounds

Highlights include

  • a portable canister,
  • bag less dust can,
  • an anti-allergen HEPA seal,
  • a long 25 feet cord,
  • a 1200 watt powerful motor,
  • an included power brush for pet hair and,
  • technology that ensures you never lose suction.


Based on what sections you want cleaned, you might need extra shark vacuum attachments. In addition, a unit which comes with several attachments such as a crevice tool and a dusting  brush  adds mobility

How Shark Vacuum Works

The Shark Vacuum works by utilizing its powerful motor that never loses suction, to deeply clean and remove debris from any type of carpet as well as hardwood and other surfaces. The attachments mean that you have the options to clean things such as upholstery and the dust near the ceiling.


  • Shark Vacuums are known for their versatility in cleaning. With attachment tools and features that are designed to work seamlessly from carpets to area rugs to hardwood floors, Shark Vacuums are a great investment, especially in households where you have many different surface types.
  • In addition to multi-surface deep cleaning, Shark Vacuums is also capable of cleaning upholstery as well as areas up high, such as the divide between the ceiling and the walls.

Along with its versatility in cleaning, the Shark has many benefits over other vacuum brands.

  • If you are a pet owner, you will love the Shark and will find that it is an excellent investment. With its turbo powered motor and high quality materials, the Shark will clean, suck up, and scrub carpets, rugs, hardwood floor, linoleum, and walls with ease. You can easily reach small spaces underneath the couch, coffee table, and chairs to pick up every last bit of shed hair from your lovable pet.
  • For those of you who don’t want to push and pull a heavy, weak vacuum, any of the Shark models are perfect for you. For cleaning versatility ranging from carpet to hardwood, ceilings, and upholstery, you can use any of the interchangeable crevice tools for a detailed clean. Overall, the powerful suction provided by the variety of Shark models, paired with an excellent price, makes this brand a go-to for those looking for power and versatility. It is clear after using the Shark, that you will be impressed by its effortless transition from bare, hardwood flooring to carpeting. You will notice a huge difference in the way that your carpets and rugs look, due to the cleaning power of its powerful motor.


The Shark line is excellent in many aspects. From its award winning suction, heavy duty motor, versatility between models, affordability, attachments, and features that make it stand out from most other brands. The Shark Vacuum reviews have been outstanding since its inception. From consumers to independent reviews, Shark has received consistent outstanding ratings and recommendations.

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